The Best Way to Come to the Havana Biennial?

The Havana Biennial Team have worked at many past Havana Biennials and have met many travelers who have come to experience the art and ambience of Havana during those days.  People often ask us, how is the best way to come to the Havana Biennial?  The last biennial was the 12th Havana Biennial in May 2015.  Though the name is biennial, the event is normally planned for every three years, but this year the biennial was postponed due to damages from Hurricane Irma. So the 13th Havana Biennial opening on April 2019 will be four years since the previous event.

For most travelers the best way to come to the Havana Biennial is to come with a tour group.  When choosing which tour agency you are going to use, there are many options starting from very expensive tour operators like Abercrombie & Kent. One of us from Havana Biennial Team worked with groups from Abercrombie & Kent for the 12th Havana Biennial in 2015, and we can say for certain that the travelers had a good time and had the good experiences of Havana.  We also worked with groups from Authentic Cuba and Cuba Educational Travel that is not so expensive like Abercrombie & Kent. All of those travelers did almost the same trip as the Abercrombie & Kent because that is the trip provided by HavanaTur the official Cuban tour agency. But for us none of those agencies is the best way to come to the Havana Biennial.

In our opinion, the best way to come to the Havana Biennial will be with the agency Havana VIP. Havana VIP is a smaller agency that makes private trips for film stars and important people coming to visit Havana all the time, but also for normal people like families and friends. Though they make trips for pop stars, all the travelers tell us that Havana VIP prices are much more economical than Abercrombie & Kent, and sometimes better than Authentic Cuba and the others. But we can tell you that Havana VIP makes much better itineraries than other agencies. Havana VIP is the agency that makes the trips for ARTempoCuba and has special access to art events and parties from ARTempoCuba that other agencies do not have. We can tell you that all of us young visual art specialists here in Havana want to work with ARTempoCuba because that is a very good organization started by Cuban curators and historians of art who live in the EEUU and Europe and were our professors at university.

If you cannot travel with Havana VIP because maybe their trips are full or sold out, perhaps the best way to come to the Havana Biennial is with the agency Center for Cuban Studies. Center for Cuban Studies is the agency owned by Sandra Levinson who owns an art gallery in New York city. Sandra Levinson has been bringing travelers to the Havana Biennial for many years and is a very trustworthy and knowledgeable person.

Havana Biennial Team we hope that we will meet you here at the 13th Havana Biennial! You can read about the official announcement  here.